Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction By the professionals

CWI_Extraction is a specialist company in the field of Cavity wall insulation extraction and was formed as a result the growing number of complaints and inquiries about damp and mold being discovered in many homes which had recently had cavity wall insulation installed. We discovered that many of the problems were caused by poorly installed materials or installation in to homes which were not ideally suited or prepared for cavity wall insulation. We decided to put together a package that would help people to initially discover if their homes were effected. We now have a team of personnel at our “Help Desk” who can help at all stages of the process which Include the following: 1. Initial No Obligation FREE Consultation with a specialist Help-Desk member of staff 2. A team of Legal Experts who will seek to claim compensation on your behalf and initiate a restoration package. 3. Contracting a professionally qualified surveyor to asses your home anywhere in the UK 4. Contracting a team of experts in cavity wall insulation extraction 5. Contract a specialist builder to treat your your home to remove the damp and Mold 6. Contract a specialist builder to repair and restore your home to the highest standards