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Is The UK Government Burying its head in the Sand Over Cavity Wall Insulation ?

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems are being swept under the carpet by the UK Government

Despite constant pressure and repeated calls for the UK Government to acknowledge and rectify the problems resulting from the installation of CWI in more than 13 million British domestic properties, those in charge are still delaying and making excuses.

The CWI Scandal has resulted in a potential 50% of all UK residents that were either mis-sold or offered subsidised insulation, compromised.

This ill-conceived policy has left untold families suffering in damp, cold and mould infested homes.

So why would the Government continue to turn their backs on these people?

It’s not too difficult to understand.

Recent reports by MP’s on the Energy & Climate Committee have warned the Government that the UK is likely to fail to meet its 2020 targets for Renewable Energy.

The targets are divided in to 3 categories; electricity, heat and transport. With the exception of electricity, the remainder will be way under target.

A statement from the Committee’s Chairperson, Angus McNeil MP read..

“The experts we spoke to were clear: the UK will miss its 2020 renewable energy targets without major policy improvements. Failing to meet these would damage the UK’s reputation for climate change leadership. The Government must take urgent action on heat and transport to renew its efforts on decarbonisation.”

A major, but obvious ‘policy improvement’ would be to admit that a mistake has been made with the unregulated installation of CWI and get it removed. Heating a cold, damp home is considerably more expensive than a dry, warm property.

In addition, last week saw a major crisis within an increasingly underfunded NHS.

A leaked report to the BBC showed that record numbers of hospitals failed to meet their 4 hour waiting targets. The highest since it’s introduction in 2004.

Only one UK trust achieved targets and some 18,000 patients experienced ‘trolley waits’ exceeding 4 hours…some awaiting treatment for 12 hours!!

This ‘winter crisis’ is typically a result of increased respiratory and viral infections.

Damp and the resulting mould and mildew are recognised by health organisations across the globe as triggers known to aggravate these conditions. The World Health Organisation, Asthma UK and the NHS themselves all publish stark warnings about the dangers of exposure to mould.

So maybe the time has come for the UK Government to take their collective heads from out of the sand and confront this issue under the guidance of the experts.

Dealing with the growing CWI Scandal, may just result in those 2020 commitments being met and a lessening of the ‘winter crisis’ strain that the NHS is currently experiencing.

Food for thought.



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