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Removal of cavity wall Insulation Q and A

Removal of cavity wall insulation due to problems with damp walls

If you are seeking an affordable service provider for the removal of cavity wall insulation, then look no further than our Cavity wall insulation Removal team. Our qualified and experienced professionals are committed to providing ultimate satisfaction to our customers. By contact us about the removal of cavity wall insulation you have discovered a simply remedy for your problems. Our company is compliant with all local and internal laws and regulations.  We are licensed and insured to provide a full range of services related to the safe and permanent removal of cavity wall insulation.

Do you need cavity wall insulation removal services?

This is one of the questions that many people ask when they experience dampness and mold in their home. Our professionals will advice you whether or not you may need to remove your cavity wall insulation. Regardless of the time your cavity wall insulation was installed, the problems may arise at any time. If you notice problems with your cavity wall insulation, don’t hesitate to call us.  The sooner you take action the better the outcome.

What are the most Common problems with cavity wall insulation?

Dampness is a major problem associated with cavity wall insulation. Some cavity walls will allow damp to pass through hence causing serious problems in the house. Cavity walls which have had certain types of insulation added, or insulation material that has been installed badly. These factors can lead to high humidity inside the building. In fact, some materials used to build such cavity wall insulation can worsen the problem over time. There are two types of damp that affect our homes, both of which are caused by cavity wall insulation.

What are the Main factors for causing problems of the cavity wall insulation?

  1. high humidity inside the house leading to damp patches.
  2. condensation forming in vulnerable areas of the house which are poorly ventilated

Humidity in the indoor environment occurs as a result of building-related issues such as poor ventilation or exposure to rain over long periods. Rain may have penetrated the outer wall, or has entered through poor roof seals or suffix damage. The problem is worsened when the cavity wall insulation allows dampness to seep into the indoor environment. When the cavity wall is insulated, the dampness can become trapped inside the wall’s cavity hence making the building damp. Moreover, this moisture will transfer heat thus leading to heat loss in the building. Usually, this will result in homes which are very cold as well as being damp.

What are the Health implications of dampness and Mold ?

mould-and-mildew in home

Damp and Mold patch in an attic

Asthma is the most common health problem associated with dampness that arises from effected homes with faulty cavity wall insulation. This condition is worsened if the cavity wall insulation allows moisture to seep into the indoor environment. Usually, dampness can also lead to mold infestation that can further aggravate health problems. Besides asthma, mold can cause allergenic illness, immunological conditions, and other infections.

The humidity triggered by dampness can allow mites to thrive in your home. Dampness caused by wall cavity insulation can allow bacteria to grow and multiply putting the occupants life at risk.

Excess moisture in the house can lead to degradation of other materials within the home such as content of cupboards and fitted wardrobes which do not have any ventilation.


What is the best course of action if you discover damp or Mold in your Home?

A surveyor testing for dampness

A surveyor testing for dampness

Should you discover any of these problems you should take early action and call our help-desk for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation. Our dedicated staff will make arrangements for a qualified professional to  visit your home. He will inspect your cavity wall insulation and decide whether removal is required. The Inspectors may also make other recommendations if he feels they may be of benefit to you in the short term. Whilst your claim is being assessed you should follow these recommendations. Should he recommend to undertake cavity wall insulation repair instead of cavity wall insulation extraction the report he publishes will also make recommendations as to how best for you to remedy the problems.

What are the Financial implications of dampness?

If your cavity wall insulation allows damp to pass through, it may lead to serious financial problems. Besides the installation costs of the cavity wall insulation, additional energy costs can arise because damp homes are generally cold homes. Homeowners are then forced to invest in supplementary heating systems which can have an additional impact on on your heating budget. In some cases this actually make matters worse as some heaters actually produce moisture. Heating systems in damp homes will be running longer in an attempt to overcome the cold and damp leading to high energy costs.

The remedial work of removing the damp can also lead to additional costs. Because mold is generally present in damp homes you may need to hire a  professional mold Removal Company which can be an expensive service due to the specialist nature of the work.

The worst implication of damp homes is that you will have difficulty in selling your property. Most potential buyers will avoid buying a house if they suspect it is damp or there is evidence of mold. In the UK All homes are generally inspected by a surveyor prior to a sale being approved by a mortgage lender. The surveyors report will generally record any damp or Mold he discovers. In most cases the surveyor will recommend that this work is completed prior to a mortgage being approved. As a result of these actions your home will also probably fetch a lower price than the original valuation in addition to the cost carrying the recommended work prior the sale approval.

What are the implications for Landlord’s of Private accommodation or houses?

If you are the Landlord of a property that needs cavity wall insulation extraction there are instances where they are facing lawsuits because of the mold and dampness in the rental properties. To avoid facing an expensive and time consuming lawsuit from your tenants it is best to take action early to address the cavity wall insulation problems. Landlords are urged to arrange for the removal of cavity wall insulation otherwise they will more than likely end up paying more in the long run from legal cost and compensation claims.

How can we make contact with a cavity wall insulation extraction expert?


Brown Fibre cavity Wall Insulation

You can contact us directly by phone, or simply fill in the FREE NO OBLIGATION form on our website. Our professional team utilize the most up to date technology for cavity wall insulation extraction. We have the equipment to remove any type of insulation materials used which can come in many forms. The most common  types including fibre, bead, or foam. While the removal process may seem a simple operation, it requires expertise to use the equipment appropriately. Our experts will decide on the best approach for undertaking the task. In most cases it is not just a case of removal of cavity wall insulation extraction but also an extensive repair and refurbishment operation of the damaged internal walls in the home. This is why we ensure that our technicians are provided with the latest technology and equipment in the industry.

Is your work Guaranteed?

Since we value our customers, we work very hard to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. We do not rest until our customers are satisfied.  Our work is guaranteed and will allow you peace of mind in the knowledge that our team of support staff are on hand to assist you at any time before and after the cavity wall insulation extraction work has been completed.

Do you offer a customer support service?

We have a dedicated and friendly customer support-desk team who work round the clock to ensure that our clients are well-served. We provide our customers with many options for contacting our support staff. You can contact us via email, phone, or live chat. Our customer support staff will respond to your queries  during working hours 7 days a week


We are one of the leading cavity wall insulation extraction companies in the UK. We have highly-trained technicians who have vast experience in the removal of cavity wall insulation industry. Moreover, we use the state-of-the-art equipment for cavity wall insulation extraction services. We will not only offer you with top-quality services, but we will enable you to save money in the long term. Also, our removal of cavity wall insulation services will ensure better health for the occupants of your house.

We look forward to being of service to you, You can contact us by Clicking the Link HERE

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