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Are You About to Have Problems with Your Cavity Wall Insulation?

All over the country but especially in zone 4 regions, people are discovering they have problems with black spots and mould. Once damp has bridged the gap between the outer and inner wall of your home, then all sorts of problems can manifest. Not only are some of these problems annoying or time-consuming they can pose a real life health risk for you and your family. It has recently been brought to the governments attention that there may be many more cases which have not been reported and are a problem which if not acted upon soon may cause a scandal similar to the one when the Banks were accused of the PPI sales scandal and has consequently cos the government and the banks Billion of pounds to rectify.

There are two main reasons why damp is now becoming a problem in some areas:

  1. There may be problems with the structure of the building as a result of having the cavity wall insulation installed.
  2. There may be serious health because of the resulting damp and mold discovered in many following cavity wall insulation being installed.

If anyone in the family has asthma, then black mould is a real health concern. This signifies that damp is getting into the house and often, this is caused by a cavity wall insulation that may have been installed many years before.

We highly recommend anyone living a home with any of the above mentioned problems to take action sooner rather than later and seek professional help from experts in the the field of cavity wall insulation extraction.

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