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Balloon Framing Gable Walls


Before the 1950’s balloon framing of the latest domiciles ended up being the conventional building strategy, through to the development of platform framing. Platform framing is a safer, faster, and much more cost-effective strategy than balloon framing. With that said, balloon framing continues to have numerous efficient uses in modern-day household framing that may be added to platform framing for a safer, sturdier, and much more cost-effective home.

Balloon framing originated in Chicago during the early 1830’s and changed the prior building approach to mortise-and-tenon. The name originated from the old mortise-and-tenon carpenters once they first saw the framing strategy being used. Using the lengthy thin framing people being utilized and held and only fingernails, they thought it would probably be impressed because of the next strong gust of wind the same as a balloon. The name caught on and it has endured to this day.


  • Balloon framed gable wall space are very high, often eighteen foot or even more above the floor degree. This added height requires the employment of scaffolding for the framing carpenters, electrician, plumber, warming air flow and ac, insulator, drywall installer, artist, and trim carpenter resulting in higher work prices.
  • Fire can travel within the stud bay the same as in a chimney, to mitigate the risk of fire, blocking is set up at each and every ceiling and floor degree.
  • The required using longer men boosts the price per lineal foot resulting in nevertheless higher expenditures.
  • These wall space can be quite hefty and dangerous, even life-threatening, to boost needing the employment of proper lifting equipment and trained personnel. The dangers of manually raising balloon framed wall space has-been obviously defined by OSHA.


  • The longer men resist wind lots better which help to reduce drywall cracking and nail pops.
  • Large windows with rounded, arched, or angled tops can be set up to enhance the visual selling point of home.
  • Capability to build a tall chimney.
  • Two-story available foyer.
  • Living room.

When considering the employment of balloon framing to enhance the design and livability of your new house the advantages and drawbacks is considered very carefully.


Origin by Rickie Bell

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